Friday, October 17, 2008

Four Things NOT to Consider When Choosing a Career

1. Prestige. Prestige is subjective and the general public's idea of what makes a prestigious career changes with time.

2. Income. A job should provide you with enough money to live on. However, over a certain amount, income should not matter. If your job provides fulfillment, you won't need to buy extra stuff to fill the void.

3. Education Requirements. If you really know what you would like to do, don't let the education requirements hold you back. You don't want to endure 50 years of regret because you wouldn't spend a few more years in school or didn't want to take a certain class. See my previous post about education length and career choice.

4. "Best" Career Lists. These lists are based on opinion and change every year. If your chosen career is on the list, great. If it's not, don't worry, it may be next year. In any case, everyone has different ideas of what makes a good career. Your list of best careers is the only one that matters.


Brian said...

Hi Andrea,

I agree that salary is not as important as many believe. To me, the benefits package is as valuable, if not more valuable than the salary. We have to take in consideration the tax brackets.

I think I'm on the right track. I just graduated in March and got out of the military. So, I have a personal list of careers I feel I qualify for as well as my target companies.

One thing I've learned through the job hunting process is to target not just your resume, but also your cover letter. Thanks for the info.


Andrea said...


You are right that benefits are just as important as salary. Many less lucrative jobs have excellent benefits (and/or job security) that make up for the lower salary.

It sounds like you have a very organized approach to your job search and your service in the military will be impressive, as well. I'm sure you'll find an excellent job in no time. Good luck!