Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Length of Education and Career Choice

Many occupations require several years of school after the bachelor's degree. You should not let these additional education requirements prevent you from choosing one of these occupations if the career interests you. I'll address some reasons why length of education should not be a factor in choosing a career:

1. If you are pursuing your dream career, the time spent in school will be interesting. You will have to live like a student for a few more years, but fulfillment will come from working toward a long-term goal.

2. Most doctoral programs provide stipends. If you are entering a professional program, your salary after graduation should be enough for you to pay back the loans. In most cases, a graduate degree will provide greater income potential so money should not be a concern.

3. You will save time in the long-run, because you will not have to go back to school or spend time training for a new career.

Of course you should be sensible about tuition costs and loans, but don't focus on your age and time. Three, four or even five extra years isn't that long when it means 40 more years in a great career.

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