Friday, November 21, 2008

More Teenagers Consulting Professional Career Counselors

I recently read this article from MSNBC which talks about the trend of high-school teenagers visiting professional career planners. I think this is an excellent idea and wish I had consulted a career planner before I entered college. Even my high school guidance counselor did not offer help with career planning and the career counselors I consulted at my university read off the Occupational Outlook Handbook website, which I could have done myself at home.

Some may object to the practice of career counseling for teens, but counselors do not give one career that you must pursue. Instead, they offer many suggestions based on one’s interests, personality, and skills. They also talk with the client about their goals, values and desires. Testing doesn’t limit a person, it only gives suggestions to consider. With a few ideas in mind, students can then determine which field is best after they have taken a variety of courses and talked with professionals in the careers they may wish to pursue.

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