Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Advantages of Being a Young Job Seeker

News regarding the current recession can seem pretty scary, particularly to college students and recent graduates. We haven't even gotten our foot in the door while experienced workers are being laid off left and right. However, there are a few major advantages that young candidates have in a tight job market.

The first major advantage young workers have is that we cost employers less money. When companies are trying to cut costs, candidates with lower salary expectations are a plus. Older workers already have higher salaries and have gotten accustomed to bonuses and other perks. They also cost their employers more in terms of benefits, such as health insurance.

Another big advantage for young workers is that we are more willing to travel and usually open to moving for a job. And since many of us don't yet have spouses or children, we are usually able to work longer hours and take on more responsibilities than our older co-workers.

Finally, young workers are familiar with technology. Certainly many older workers are very tech-savvy, but today's college graduates have been raised around computers and have probably taken several computer courses while in school. We understand that technology is constantly changing and that computer skills are essential in almost any occupation.

If you are a recent graduate, don't be discouraged by the headlines. Just be aware it may take longer to find a job and you may need to compromise a little. Gaining experience is the focus for the first couple of years out of school, so be open to moving to where the jobs are more plentiful or working at a less prestigious organization.


Brian said...

Good stuff as always Andrea. I never got a chance to thank you for all the info you have provided. It helped give me a different perspective and outlook in my pursuit for a job. I recently got a job as a Federal Government Pharmacy tech. Keep writing your excellent articles, I'm sure you are helping more people than you even realize.

Take Care,

Andrea said...

Thanks Brian. Your support has meant so much. I don't need a large readership; if I am able to help just a few people I consider this blog a success. Congratulations on the job!