Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AlumnIdea at UC SanDiego

I recently received an email about a new social media site for alumni of UC San Diego:

"The University of California San Diego recognizes the importance of leveraging social networks and hearing each individual voice amongst UCSD alumni. Introducing AlumnIDea! This social media site encourages alumni to submit their event ideas which can be voted 'up' or 'down' by other alumni. The most popular ideas are aggregated into a top-10 section which are then selected for implementation by UCSD alumni officers.

Currently the site is beta so we'd appreciate thoughts and ideas from your readers. The site supports all browsers and is a way for both new and old UCSD graduates to participate in a fully interactive environment. Please visit http://ucsd.alumnidea.com to check it out! UCSD is the first university to use this kind of platform for an alumni association so we'd appreciate you helping us spread the word! The site is a great way for recent grads to suggest their own ideas for a stronger Alumni network. "

What do you think about AlumnIdea? What ideas would you suggest for your college's alumni association?

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