Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Assessing Your Career Values

Values are often overlooked when we choose a career. Most career tests are based on personality or interests. However, overlooking values can mean choosing a career that is unsatisfying. Some career-related values to think about:
  • Security - You want a job that provides steady income and employment. You'll want to choose a career that is relatively resistant to downturns in the economy and one that also has steady or high projected growth. Careers to consider: registered nurse, teacher, computer systems analyst, physician, physical therapist, pharmacist.
  • Social Interaction - Other people motivate and energize you. You may prefer one-on-one interaction or working with large groups of people. Careers to consider: sales representative, social worker, teacher, counselor, human resources manager, occupational therapist.
  • Growth - You want a career that gives you the opportunity for advancement, whether it means moving up within an organization or specializing in a certain area. If you value growth, continually learning and acquiring new skills are necessary aspects of a satisfying profession. Careers to consider: public accountant, attorney, medical scientist, software engineer.
  • Variety - You want work that involves new experiences every day. You would hate a job that never allowed you to meet new people or face new challenges. Careers to consider: emergency medical technician, event planner, social worker, public relations manager.
  • Creativity expression - You want a career that allows to express your personality, talents and ideas. Purely objective work would not be fulfilling for you. Careers to consider: writer, interior designer, graphic designer, web developer, photographer.
  • Independence - You are self-motivated and want control over most aspects of your work. You like working alone and making your own decisions. Careers to consider: business owner/entrepreneur, freelance writer, statistician, mathematician, biochemist.
Identifying your career-related values is an important step in the process of choosing a profession. Write a list of your values (you will probably think of some that I didn't list) along with careers that seem to fit those values. Now you can focus your research on careers that fit most or all of your values.

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